The Desert Southwest

Out of my recent pics, I chose that image for a reason.  It captures the feeling of this part of the country concisely.  Most people think of this area as the middle of nowhere or just a desert, but it’s more than that.  I see it as a giant Zen garden, simple, mostly empty, the emptiness is disturbed by rocky outcrops.  It takes a certain mindset to appreciate or find meaning in it.  The tree represents myself, standing on unstable foundations facing a vast obstacle in front of me.  I don’t know why that crossed my mind.  Perhaps it was the endorphins from hiking for miles, or the thinner air.  I felt it necessary to capture this on the same day rather than waiting till I get home.  There are more images to come but the internet connection here slow.  Perhaps I will also attribute something to them.

This is why I highly recommend leaving your chaotic life at least for a fed days and get lost in the wilderness.  Each type of biome will invoke a different mindset.  The desolate landscapes of the southwest invoke different emotions than the verdant mountains further north.  I will keep writing as my trip continues but for now, I must get some rest.

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